Interesting wee look at the simple alterations that can be made to the TC presets to improve your tactic.


Last time out in my “Training a new FM Player” series I discussed how to build your squad and how to select a starting formation. This time out I want to talk about how to adapt the formation to get the best from the players at your disposal.

Tactical Creator and its limitations

The TC does a good job at defining roles within your team. You can select from a multitude of roles and responsibilities which will be slightly modified based on your overall team settings. The TC is designed for “plug and play managers”. I have been playing FM since yester year when TC was a pipe dream. I am not a “plug and play” manager, however I do use TC as a starting position then adjust settings in an attempt to produce my desired results. The TC is rigid, it does not have the ability to adjust fields based on other roles you wish to…

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