The end of FM12

I have, traditionally, for the last 15 years at the very least, bought the latest Championship or Football Manager game on release day from the shop. This year, however, I have capitulated and pre-ordered FM13. As most of you will know, by pre-ordering it I have been given beta access which is now live. Therefore I am currently playing FM13 and this will likely spell the end of FM12… forever.

What this means is that my Toulouse save, which has been the subject of about 15 posts on this blog, will now be put to bed. It’s a shame not to see out the end of my last season but, in all honesty, the game was just beginning to get a little stale and so FM13 beta has come at a fairly good time for me.

I spent 1581 hours playing FM12 which not only highlights the ridiculous levels of my addiction but also how good the game was. It’s also the first game in a long time where I’ve played with the default (dark) skin… which is a nice segue into the FM13 beta and what is likely to be one of my biggest gripes.

I’ll save them for later, though, and give myself an opportunity to have a proper play about with the game.

In the meantime, thank you all for reading so far. I hope to keep you interested and provide plenty of new material – tactical, tips and recommended players as well as game updates – well into FM13. I’ll keep you updated.


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