Football Manager 2014 lookahead…

fm14So Football Manager 2014 is here. Hoorah.

A new game means vast improvements, right? An improved interface, a better match engine, maybe a new media system. Well I am less than enthused with what I have seen from the game in beta but remembering last year’s beta impressions and then the changes that were put in place post-beta, I will try to reserve full judgement until I have played the game for a short length of time. Removal of sliders and a restrictive tactical interface is going to take some getting used to though…

Assuming I do get used to it and start enjoying the game a bit more, what can you expect from FM Veteran this year?

Well hopefully more of the same for starters as, during my blogging hiatus, FM Veteran passed 200,000 views which is fantastic so I’ll try not to change what isn’t broken (take note, SI).

Also, there will be something new involving a regular guest blogger… for a few more details read on.

So as I said, I would expect more of the same. In case you’re new to FM Veteran, this means a combination of tactical articles, such as Analyzing Your Tactic and Spotting Problems, occasional non-tactical guides, such as my Tutoring Guide, and the most regular articles – diary pieces about my current saves, such as my epic Feralpi Salò save from last year.

I try to keep the diary blogs interesting, though, rather than just  regurgitation of scores and scorers. I try to include details of my tactics, why I chose to sign certain players, highlight what’s going wrong as well as what’s working and try to give an idea of my general approach to squad building and how I play the game.

These game diaries are likely to revolve around two separate saves for the early part of FM14:

Rapid real homeRapid Wien and Austria

Many of you will know that I have a slightly bizarre obsession with Rapid and Austria – built up through an FM09 journeyman game where I landed in Vienna for a couple of seasons. After that, I enjoyed it so much I kept going back. When Lee Scott (of the outstanding FM Analysis blog) then introduced me to the concept of a ‘Club and Country’ game, Austria seemed a perfect fit. If you aren’t sure what a C&C game is then I’ve written a handy guide – here.

I’ve had various attempts at this save for the last 4 years but this year I’ll be returning to the format which I found most enjoyable and which ended up lasting from release day of FM11 until the day that FM12 came out. Therefore, I’ll be using the editor to create an Anschluß merger of Germany and Austria, placing Rapid in the second tier and taking it from there.

A guest blogger and a network game

The second game diary will introduce two new concepts to FM Veteran – a regular guest blogger and a network game.

A old school friend of mine recently discovered the blog despite my cunning pseudonym and expressed an interest in playing a network game… something which I was a little hesitant about at the start as my parents always told me that it’s impolite to humiliate people in public. However, against his better judgement, I have relented and shall be attempting to pass on the wisdom of my ways / have left myself terribly exposed to an incredibly public failure of epic proportions.

Jealous of my super-awesome pseudonym, he will also be writing under false pretences. Sadly, his pseudonym is really quite clever – trust an English graduate to come up with Petr Uchio (google it if you don’t get it). Anyway, ‘Petr’ will be providing regular contributions to the blog as we attempt to explore how a relative noob takes to FM14 and all the changes that have been implemented since he last played the game.

Actually, it’s probably better I let him introduce himself…

Petruchio - massive cockpiece... I mean codpiece
Petruchio – massive cockpiece… I mean codpiece

Thank you so much for that warm and slightly threatening introduction. As you’ll have gathered by now I’m (not really) Petr Uchio. It’s a real honour to be allowed to blog for you regularly and even more of one to be quite so publically humiliated by an old school friend.

I certainly have a chequered career when it comes to FM – I’ve hit a few heights in my time but have also plunged the depths, with my recent failure to survive six months in a job on the Beta version particularly unimpressive. Quite why I’ve decided to lube up and touch my toes for Shrew so publicly I’m not sure, but it promises to be a spectacular show over the next few months.

Obviously I don’t have the same level of tactical experience as Shrew, so to begin with there’ll be none of the “How to create the inverted three-quarter semi-complete regista” type of article from me. That’s not to say I don’t hope to get up to speed quickly but my initial articles will be more about understanding the game’s engine than exploiting it.

There’ll be a fair bit of story-telling too, as I attempt to articulate quite how awful my charges are, so I’ll be relying on your comments and feedback as I grapple with my own limitations. And of course, the better your help, the more likely I am to defeat this site’s famous host: I’m sure we would all like to see the Shrew tamed by a relative FM novice!

Hopefully the network game will be an entertaining twist to the usual game diaries on the blog and perhaps a less-experienced outlook on FM will be an interesting juxtaposition to my tired and weary ramblings. At the very least you’ll be able to laugh at one, if not both, of us being utterly humiliated…

So that’s it, just a short introduction to my plans for Football Manager 2014 and an even shorter introduction to Petr Uchio.

If you have any requests for articles that you would particularly like to see then let me know in the comments below. Thanks, as always, for reading and here’s hoping FM14 is as successful for FM Veteran as FM13 was!

15 thoughts on “Football Manager 2014 lookahead…”

  1. Glad to see you back blogging Shrew, it seems that a busy year is coming for FM Veteran, I’d like to see some “Shrew vs. the stubborn tactical interface” kind of post, it could be a great new feature!

      1. For me I have been enjoying pre-season with Liverpool. I haven’t really looked into buying players just getting the tactics right, mainly 3 at the backs with wingbacks and SAS. Be good to see it go well in the proper season.

        I like the evolution of the tactics engine into using more of the shouts and instructions. Development is still needed but I think the movement away from sliders makes for a much quicker and simple way to convey the football you want on the pitch. Especially for those who are new to the series or just didnt quite want to study the relationships between different sliders and numbers and mentalities, it was another language away from real football.

        My negatives are those that have come about from previous years. Nothing has been done to the scouting the make that any better (I thought the old way of doing it was much better and gave much more control over a scouting strategy) I blame the interface a little I just can’t get to grips with it.

        But I hope to have a few enjoyable games this year that I have lacked in the last few years. Least the new computer in the spare bedroom will give me a place to hideaway and play.

    1. I’m really not a fan of doing away with sliders but think I could live with it a lot easier if the options that were available to you were more flexible. Certain personal instruction options being ‘greyed out’, for example, or the removal of the manual playmaker selection are both irritating choices, for me.

      We’ll see what happens once I get into it for a while.

      However, if this ‘simplification’ process continues down the route which I think it will – i.e. removal of attributes and instead a series of ratings for a player within a certain role – then my relationship with FM has a rather short shelf-life 😦

  2. So far one of the features that I like more is on player development. Recommended tutors is a very useful functionality.

    1. I haven’t seen that yet. Unless you mean the ‘advice from staff’ recommendations? That was there last year too although I find that they recommend really unsuitable tutors! Or at least not tutors that I would prefer – i.e. with good personalities.

      1. On player profile –> Training –> Development. At the bottom of screen there is suggestions of suitable tutors if available.

    2. It doesn’t help to develop mental attributes (other than Determination) specifically. It only directly impacts the personality attributes and determination.

      I do like tutoring and I use it a lot but I don’t trust the AI to get the recommendations right as they often recommend players with low professionalism or ambition as tutors which is the exact opposite of what I want.

      This guide probably explains it better

  3. Shrewnaldo, interesting choice of team as always! You will be blogging at the end of every season like you did for the previous FM right?
    Cant wait to start my save, plan on starting with an Italian team and hopefully i can’t blog about it!

    1. I think I’ll do an introductory post on the C&C game soon, lay out the situation at the start of the game and my general plans. I’ll probably then just update when the desire takes me.

      Is that a typo? Do you mean that you CAN blog about it?

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