Poll – continue yes/no?

Ok, a quick poll if you would all be so kind:

I have recently discovered that, as I entered the top 10 Austrian clubs into the existing German football structure, Rapid Wien and the other migrated teams assume the ‘newgen production attribute’ of the host nation – i.e. Germany. As you can imagine, this has lead to a massively unrealistic level of newgen production in the first two seasons – as evidenced by my own superb intakes.

This has put me on a right downer and I am asking your opinions. Should I continue or not?

I simply cannot be bothered playing in the default Austrian system and I’m not really keen on starting again so if I do decide to quit this game, I will need to start a completely new one.

With that in mind, your opinion would be appreciated.


An update – I have decided to agree with the 70% plus of people who have voted for the Rapid / Austria game to come to an end. Unfortunately, I just find this far too unrealistic. The challenge, for me, is to develop a small national side into a great national side despite the restrictions in place. This inadvertent edit just removes that challenge completely and makes the game null and void for me.

I have already decided on a new game, in fact I’ve started it already. Watch this space for a new article soon…


16 thoughts on “Poll – continue yes/no?”

    1. Not that I know of and, to be honest, I’m not keen on starting afresh as it’d just feel like going over old ground. If I could amend it mid-save using the in-game editor then I’d think about it but I don’t think I can.

  1. Continue imo. While it might seem unrealistic if you think about it because you are in the German league you don’t really have any advantage because all the German clubs are producing a similar amount of good talent themselves.

    Plus after a while you’d be getting good intakes or finding good newgens anyway once you start to grow and have a bit of success. I think restarting would possibly kill any future game from yourself as you aren’t really feeling the game to begin with.

    1. That’d be a fair point if I was only playing as Rapid but the whole point is national success and there’s no comparison between my newgen intakes and those of comparable nations. Really bloody annoying

  2. if you dont continue, you should start a new game in the lower leauges of germany, there are some good challenges in the 3.Liga, and also in the Regionalliga’s and Oberliga’s, if you can find a good database.

  3. I would say continue. The whole setup is pretty unrealistic, so as a result a lot of what will come off that idea will be unrealistic.
    Plus, in the unlikely event that if you would decide to put bayern in the australian league, the opposit thing would happen. And would you quit than?

    1. Yeah, I probably would if I’d found out that I had completely nerfed a major footballing nation.

      I agree that the original edit was unrealistic but what it definitely did do was make the game competitive, challenging and interesting. Having awesome players handed to me year-in-year-out makes takes all that away, I’m afraid.

  4. It would be unrealistic, i would suggest try a new save in Portugal (nobody never plays in Portugal and they have a very interesting league with little money but good youth talent)

    1. Thanks nathy but I can’t say I’m a big fan of playing in England – it’s been a LONG time since I’ve had a longish game there, maybe FM08.

      Having said that, the only thing that would appeal to me is taking a very small club from an extended league structure, say tier 8 or 9, and taking them to the top. But with my speed of play just now, that’s probably an unrealistic expectation.

  5. That’s bad luck Shrewnaldo:(
    How about you move slightly further east and load up a database with all the old Soviet Rebublic countries and see if you can build another smaller club into a European powerhouse. The lack of money for gate receipts will make that quite challenging I would think. Although you could aim to land a top Russian Club job if you wanted to do a bit of a journeyman save.
    Thanks again for sending me your custom views on Twitter

    1. No bother Richard. Didn’t take much effort and always happy to help.

      I think I’ve decided on a new club actually… a little further west than Austria with a view to developing a mini-Cantera of sorts… watch this space 🙂

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