FM15 – Pimping your game

In the last article I posted, I linked you to a number of my favourite basic graphics – facepacks, logos, backgrounds, etc. These are all fairly normal “customisations” for Football Manager which most people will download and for which every person will  have their preference.

Since then, however, I’ve been trawling the “FM Scene” for the little unique add-ons that don’t necessarily add so much to your game but just add nice little touches here and there.

I was going to add this to the bottom of my next save-game post but thought I’d separate it out as it’s just cleaner this way. So, if you’re interested, read on:

I think I’ve said this before but, quite unusually for Football Manager, I actually really like the default skin. I’ve always been a fan of dark skins and, aside from the abomination that is the tactics screen, there were only two relatively minor gripes that I had with it. Thanks to the good people across various FM fansites, however, I’ve been able to fix both:

Editing the Sidebar

Simple, really. I didn’t like the sidebar changing colour on the squad screens and I wanted it to either stay charcoal or become transparent. This edit requires a little bit of work but is well worth it. First of all, you need to download the base skin files here and then you need to follow the instructions in this thread.

You can change the colour to anything you like, you just need to know the HTML colour code for it. I used this site to find the code for the charcoal used in FM (R-49, G-51, B-63).

The same thread will show you how to remove the text from the sidebar to show only the icons but I prefer to have full-width. The effects of my edit are as follows:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Adding Preferred Moves to profile widgets

In FM13 and 14, I used the fantastic Bergkamp skins which added an option to show a player’s PPM’s in one of his profile widgets. Unfortunately, this is overlooked in the default skins.

However, this set of customised panels from Sortitoutsi not only includes the PPM’s as an option, it also re-arranges the panels more efficiently to give you extra information on one screen. Very, very handy.

The end result:


Pimping your matchday

The rest of the modifications relate to the “matchday experience”, or rather the matchday UI and graphics on the 3d engine.

 The first is one of the purely aesthetic add-ons as it replaces the default advertisement hoardings with club specific banners and colours. Like this one:

banners 2

What I really like about this one is that it changes the hoardings between the tiers of the stands too. It’s a small thing, particularly for me at the moment as I tend to play in 3D, but nevertheless it’s a nice touch.

The mod has club specific banners for loads of clubs. You can find it here if you want to give it a go.

The rest of the mods can be seen in this screenshot:


1 – Match titlebar team names

Nice touch this, from a guy you’ll probably see time and again if you are looking for skinning mods – Michael Murray. Nice and simple, it adds the competition logo as well as the club logos and names, on a background corresponding to the colour the teams are playing in. Simple, effective and pleasing on the eye. LINK.

2 – Match screen kits mod

That man Michael Murray again. What’s the point in downloading all those kit megapacks if you never see them? With the logos already in the top bar thanks to item 1, it’s nice to have the variety of graphic. LINK.

3 – In between highlights panels

This one was hidden away a little bit but post #11 in this thread, from Michael Murray again, gives you the file to download  which extends the panels that pop-up in between highlights.

I really like this one as you can customise the visible panels to a variety of options, those shown are just my personal preferences; and it’s actually useful rather than just being aesthetically pleasing. As opposed to…

4 – TV logos

Yes, utterly pointless but it’s a nice addition and, with this logo pack, you can select whichever TV company are “local” to your game.

Even where there isn’t the right logo, as happened in my case, you can kind of do-it-yourself by extracting one of the logos and offer and just replacing the .png file with one you source yourself. In theory you could use any picture here so, if you were so inclined, you could have a picture of your face up there, or Rinus Michels for ultimate hipster inspiration, or Kim Kardashian’s arse. It’s up to you but I’d stick to the TV logo.

And that’s your lot. Just a short, and hopefully helpful, post today but I’ll be back really soon with a lengthier article relating to my actual game. I’m hoping to go through the striker problems I’ve been having and how I’m trying to get my 4-1-4-1 to work with both club and country.

Until then, thanks for reading and let me know if you’ve got any additions of your own which could help pimp the game up a bit.

6 thoughts on “FM15 – Pimping your game”

  1. kannst du mir bitte genau erklären wie man das stadium graphics/banners pack richtig instaliert habe es schon sehr oft versucht aber irgendeiner der beiden kann oder wird irgendwie nicht gelesen 😦

    1. Hi Zombieman, afraid I don’t speak German so I’ll post this in English then with a google translate option.

      1. Download the file in the link.
      2. Unzip using Winrar (you can download on internet, quick search will find it)
      3. Puts the “ads” folder here:
      C:\Users\MyUser\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015
      4. Put the “pictures” folder here:
      C:\Users\MyUser\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\graphics\pictures
      5. In FM, go to the “Preferences” options then “interface”
      6. Hit “Clear Cache”
      7. Make sure the “Reload Skin when confirming changes in Preferences” is clicked
      8. Click reload skin

      That should be it.

      (Bad) translation

      Hallo Zombieman, fürchte, ich spreche kein Deutsch, damit ich diese in Englisch mit Google Translate Option veröffentlichen dann.

      1. Laden Sie die Datei in den Link.
      2. Entpacken mit WinRAR (Sie können im Internet herunterladen, werden schnelle Suche ist zu finden)
      3. Versetzt den “Anzeigen” Ordner hier:
      C: \ Users \ MyUser \ Documents \ Sports Interactive \ Football Manager 2015
      4. Wählen Sie die “Bilder” Legen Sie Ordner hier:
      C: \ Users \ MyUser \ Dokumente \ Sports Interactive \ Football Manager 2015 \ graphics \ Bilder
      5. In FM, zu den “Einstellungen” Optionen dann “Schnittstelle” zu gehen
      6. Hit “Clear Cache”
      7. Stellen Sie sicher, die “Reload Haut bei der Bestätigung Veränderungen in Einstellungen” geklickt
      8. Klicken Sie auf Reload Haut

      Das sollte es sein.

  2. I have another question, it has to have someone try whether running on a different operating system because football manager from Sega’s for three operating systems entwickeld Windows Mac and Linux, I play it so on a Mac have now done everything what you said but it still has not worked out so I wonder can it be that it only communicates a Windows operating system works to read this stadium graphic file should someone could have brought on the Mac OSX operating system to run me then please explain this one who as he managed has please’m thankful for every tip

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