What to expect from FM Veteran, How to and Recommended FM reading…

I write. A lot. I do try and keep all the writing relative and cut down on any un-necessary waffle but my posts will tend to be fairly lengthy and certainly in depth. I love the minutiae of FM and, indeed, football in general. I like to analyse everything in great detail hence why I play so slowly.

My posts are likely to mostly focus on tactics and players whilst providing the results of my games as backdrops to these key factors. These days, there tends to be an awful lot of FM posts made which regurgitate real life tactical writing, and particularly Inverting the Pyramid, without much information showing how these concepts are transferred into FM. Whilst a bit of background is always welcome, I tend to think that people are looking for FM assistance so rewording well-known concepts alongside a screenshot of the FM tactics screen showing general positions isn’t going to help much.

Therefore my posts here will attempt to focus on Football Manager specifically. I’ll use a lot of screenshots, YouTube uploads and the analysis tools in-game to illustrate my points and hopefully support any assertions I’m making.

I like to think that I’m pretty good at the game (but then so does everyone) but I’m not going to claim that I have all the answers – anyone who does is lying. It’s a constant learning curve and you’ll no doubt notice a number of mistakes on my part throughout the course of the saves that I post about. I’ve been playing CM/FM since 1993 and I can’t remember a single save where I’ve never made a mistake; I’ve been watching real-life football for even longer and I can’t remember a single manager who has gone through an entire season without making a mistake.

I don’t use exploitative tactics that are discovered by those who try to break the mathematics of the game, I play as realistically as I can (within obvious limits) although I’m certainly not suggesting that the use of such tactics are wrong – it’s your game, play it how you want.

Which brings me to my last point. I buy the game, you should buy the game. Don’t ask me where to find illegal free downloads because it’ll piss me right off. If you can’t afford the game then you don’t buy it, simple. I don’t understand these people who feel that they have a right to have something without paying for it. If you think it’s too expensive then that’s tough titties. I think my petrol is too expensive but I can’t just drive off without paying for it. Pay for it or don’t play it. It’s as easy as that. I have a law degree so I am well aware that the term is technically incorrect but, to the lay person, sourcing a free download is theft.

But back to more pleasant topics… I hope that you’ll enjoy my style of writing but, most importantly, find it informative and perhaps inspire you to try similar concepts in your game. As I’ve said above, I don’t have all the answers and I’ll quite happily accept suggestions or advice from anyone reading so please feel free to use the comments boxes at the bottom of the articles or contact me on Twitter to help out.

I’ve followed a few referrals to this site back to various foreign language forums and it seems that people wish to translate a few of my articles into other languages. I have absolutely no problem with this, however I would appreciate if a link back to the blog was always provided alongside the translation. I’d also appreciate a tweet or comment on the article advising of the translation. I will then add links to your site to help out any non-English readers.

Lastly, thanks for reading!! Shrew

How To…

As I post more, I imagine that the older items are going to prove difficult to find. Fear not, though. In the unlikely event that you do wish to find any older posts on particular items, I have categorised everything and will add tags where I can. The simplest way to navigate to particular articles is to use the “Categories” widget on the right of the home page.

There is also a search function on the widget bar to the right which should be handy.

If you are looking for a particular article which you can’t find then let me know.

Everything posted here is my own work and my own opinion. Should you wish to post any of my work elsewhere, please contact me and ask permission first. I can be contacted at shrewnaldo@hotmail.co.uk or through twitter @Shrewnaldo

Happy reading!!

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This is a really handy site collating all updated FM material across the community


4 thoughts on “What to expect from FM Veteran, How to and Recommended FM reading…”

  1. Great write-up, Shrew. Looking forward to reading through your various saves and seeing what you can come up with.

    Keep it up!

      1. That’s right!

        I moved back to Australia about a year ago, and never got around to purchasing FM12 due to how busy I was, which also resulted in less time on TD. Still lurk around TTH though!

        Really looking forward to getting the new version (and reading your posts makes me want it even more!), but it’s quite expensive over here so I’m waiting to either find a cheap one from the UK that will sell to me or wait for the prices here to go down.

        Again, keep up the awesome work.

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