How to and Recommended FM reading…

How To…

As I post more, I imagine that the older items are going to prove difficult to find. Fear not, though. In the unlikely event that you do wish to find any older posts on particular items, I have categorised everything and will add tags where I can. The simplest way to navigate to particular articles is to use the “Categories” widget on the right of the home page.

There is also a search function on the widget bar to the right which should be handy.

If you are looking for a particular article which you can’t find then let me know.

Everything posted here is my own work and my own opinion. Should you wish to post any of my work elsewhere, please contact me and ask permission first. I can be contacted at or through twitter @Shrewnaldo

Happy reading!!

Recommended FM Reading


FM Analysis by Lee Scott

FM Samo

FM Grasshopper

The Dugout


SI Games Forums

Football Manager Now


We Stream FM

4 thoughts on “How to and Recommended FM reading…”

  1. Great write-up, Shrew. Looking forward to reading through your various saves and seeing what you can come up with.

    Keep it up!

      1. That’s right!

        I moved back to Australia about a year ago, and never got around to purchasing FM12 due to how busy I was, which also resulted in less time on TD. Still lurk around TTH though!

        Really looking forward to getting the new version (and reading your posts makes me want it even more!), but it’s quite expensive over here so I’m waiting to either find a cheap one from the UK that will sell to me or wait for the prices here to go down.

        Again, keep up the awesome work.

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