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Making that first day count

fm14So the first FM14 post has taken a little longer to materialise than expected… largely because FM14 has been immeasurably poorer than I expected. However, I have been playing one of the games which I forecast in my FM14 preview – the network game with my good friend and greater rival Petr Uchio.

The first article from FM14, therefore, is from Petr with a look at what many of us will have done or be in the process of doing – what to do on your first day in the job.

At the end of that article, I’ll write a little more on why I’ve been struggling to get into the game and post a series of useful links to all sorts of interesting add-ons you may or may not know about. For now, though, I’ll hand you over to Petr…

Your first day in a new job is often the most daunting as you find out where the photocopier is, check out the company’s talent and hope against hope that someone will go to lunch with you.  In Football Manager it’s a very different prospect, as you’re given very little time to bed in, meaning not only is that first day daunting, it’s often critical.

Thankfully, however, I’ve come to your aid to make those initial few hours less anxious and much more productive by creating this ten point plan so that your new reign starts off on the right foot.

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A Guide to Scouting and Transfers – a.k.a. How to make a simple process as complicated as possible

Scouting and signings

talent_scout-198x300So I’ve been requested to write a bit on my approach to scouting. As I don’t feel that scouting itself is terribly exciting, I’ve morphed this request a little into covering more on the process of the entire transfer.

I guess that there’s an opinion amongst some of my readers that I am more thorough than some FM-ers in my transfer policy. I say “thorough” but that’s really a polite way of saying it. Pernickity, overly analytical, obsessive or borderline anal might be more accurate descriptions of my transfer policy.

I really enjoy the transfer dealings within FM and I tend to spend an awful lot of time considering my moves, at least whilst I’m managing small clubs (which is 99% of the time).

For me then, there’s a very logical process which culminates in a player signing on the dotted line…

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Shrew’s Guide to Tutoring in FM

CM Legend

Recognise him? No, I didn’t either. That is one time Championship Manager legend Cherno Samba, a player whom Eidos believed would go on to become a future England international and world-class striker. Today’s game is littered with players who “could be the next big thing”, who had all the potential in the world at 16, 17 and 18 but went on to… well FC Haka and Panetolikos F.C.

This article will focus on the impact of tutoring and how it can help you make the most of those precocious young stars that can turn your club from also-rans to perennial champs. To many, myself included, there is nothing more satisfying than developing a home-grown talent into a regular international and indispensable member of your team. It’s all well and good spending £30million on Cavani but wouldn’t you rather sign him at 16 for pennies and watch him blossom at your own club?

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Financial prudence in FM – part 2

So following on from part one of this article, I’ll start looking at the non-contract aspects of the game which can affect your finances.

Visit any FM forum and there’ll be a thread about what people want to see in the next version of the game – amongst them there are players who want to introduce features such as control of ticket prices, investment in club shops and developing the design of your own stadium. Not for me, if you want that sort of game then dig out a copy of Ultimate Soccer Manager or perhaps even Theme Park and pump up those salt levels at the chip stand so you sell more drinks… with 50% ice of course.

It’s just not what I’m looking for from Football Manager and I also think there’s more than enough scope within the current game to allow you to improve your club finances. The first, and most obvious of these, is bread-and-butter to every FM player…

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Financial prudence in FM – Part 1

Financial prudence and “living within your means” are becoming hot topics in the world of football these days with Platini’s Financial Fair Play looking to rein in the perceived excesses that are threatening to spiral out of control within the game. The merits of FFP and potential for success are topics for another forum and sharper minds than mine; but there’s no doubting that its introduction is prompted by a desire to introduce financial responsibility and general business principles to a sport which has, at times, sought to ignore such limiting factors to satisfy the egos of ambitious chairmen, dissatisfaction of ill-informed fans and hounding by irresponsible media.

Whilst we are all aware that FM is just a game and, once in a while, it can be fun just to splurge as much cash as possible, running a financially prudent club that returns a regular profit is something of an obsession of mine. Whether this is down to my Scottish heritage, my admiration for Arsenal or just because I’m good at it is tough to tell but I do find it incredibly satisfying being able to produce a successful team whilst spending a fraction of my rivals’ outgoings. Here are my tips on how I go about it.

This is part 1 of the article – it turned out that I had more to say than I thought I did!!

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Shrew’s Club and Country Guide

So most of my updates on here will centre on my games with Rapid Wien and Austria. This game follows the premise of a “Club and Country” save, a concept I first came across when Forza on The Dugout had an excellent game with Shenhua and China. Having played this sort of game for a couple of years now, I wrote this guide to give other players some tips on how to play similar games themselves. It really is a great way to play the game and introduce a new level of challenge to Football Manager if you find yourself getting bored with the same old saves.

Hopefully this guide will be of use and you can enjoy C&C games as much as I do.

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