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Austria at Euro 2016

euro_2016_logo_pngThis should be my last update on the C&C save for a while as I plan to retire Matthias Sindelar from both Austria and Rapid so that I can create a new manager at a different club with a new challenge. I’m a big fan of the increased randomness created when starting a new save a few years into the game and it seemed prudent to use my own save for my new career. I’ll keep save from just before the retirement though, as I get the feeling that I’ll want to come back and “finish the job”.

My last hurrah, for now, with the national side will be our attempt to win, or at least do as well as we can at, the 2016 European Championships. My last update on the national side recorded our excellent qualification campaign where we finished ahead of Italy and gifted ourselves a second seed spot at the full tournament. That second seeding has landed us in a group alongside England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

This update will solely concentrate on our second tournament adventure…

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Austria – Soaring up the rankings

austria_awayIt’s been a while since I’ve updated, particularly on the national side, which is indicative of the lack of time I’ve had recently but also a growing stagnation in the save. I’m finding the club game more than a little dull just now as we’re head and shoulders above the rest of the league, meaning I don’t really need to even try and win games. I could, quite conceivably, just hit continue and the team will win with no tweaks or reactive moves on my part.

Having said that, the national game is still relatively interesting – largely because it is much more competitive and there’s still a lot for me to work out when it comes to our strongest sides and tactics against various levels of opponent.

This has been evident in the qualifying campaign for Euro 2016 where we faced a mixed bag of Italy, Serbia, Israel and Lichtenstein. With two teams automatically qualifying then I was fairly confident of progression.

Therefore, I’ve decided that I’ll continue managing Rapid and Austria for the rest of this season and then, after the tournament, resign Sindelar from both jobs and go on the lookout for a new club. I’ll keep a save from just before my resignation so that I can come back to the save in future but I fancy a new challenge and, preferring the randomness of the game a few years in, it makes sense to use this file. I just have to decide which level I’m looking to manage at…

For now, this update will look at the qualifying campaign for Euro 2016 and the key players in the national set-up. Although it won’t be as detailed as the last club update, I’ll try to flesh out some of the players somewhat.

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Rapid Wien – 14/15 Season Review – Regression or transition?

rapid wien_hRegression might be a bit harsh as we won the league by 13 points but you’ll see what I mean later in the post.

After the departure of important players like Drazan and Schimpelsberger then I guess it was always going to be difficult to maintain the very high standards of last season and some sort of drop in performances was to be expected.

Some of this might also be down to the stagnation of the 3-4-1-2 and a move to a new tactic which I have included in the post below.

As well as detailing all the results and the new tactic, I’ll give a break down of every (important) player in my Rapid Wien squad, followed up in the next post by a breakdown of non-Rapid international players. I’ll try to do this the year following every World Cup for however long this save lasts.

For now, let’s look at how we did this season…

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Rapid Wien – Player turnover and legacy building

rapid wien_3A slightly pompous title this time in terms of the legacy building but it’s essentially what I’m looking to do with Rapid – build the side up until we are the undisputed biggest club in Austria and making a real impact on the European scene. All the while, this should be done with locally developed players, creating a constant conveyor belt of talent that moves on to the bigger European leagues and develop into international class stars.

Due to being away with work a lot in the last couple of weeks I haven’t had any time to write an update on my progress. Therefore, I’ve played quite a bit further than I usually would have done before writing another post… we’re now well into November and some 20 games into the season.

Thus there’s a fair bit to cover, not just the goings on during the close season but also the developments since including some problems that I’ve encountered and a fair amount of tactical indecision on my part.

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Austria – World Cup 2014 Report

austria_homeThe World Cup is undoubtedly the pinnacle of any footballer’s career and, despite what any misinformed nonce might tell you about the Olympics or anything else, is quite simply the biggest sporting event on the planet.

Having qualified for the World Cup for the first time since 1998, we travelled to Brazil with little expectation of making any sort of impression on the tournament. Little expectation but perhaps a quiet ambition to get out of the groups and see what madness ensued once knockout football came into play.

WC-2014-Brasil.svgWe’d been drawn in a reasonably kind group consisting of ourselves, Uruguay, Cameroon and Honduras. Pre-tournament, I considered Honduras to be the whipping boys, Uruguay to be clear favourites and predicted that ourselves and Cameroon would fight it out for second place.

When I last updated, I’d nominated our 30 man-squad and the first thing that I needed to do was to trim this to 23. Bizarrely, this was required before I’d played any warm-up friendlies. Not sure if this is another bug but, like many things with international football, it seems to have been poorly implemented by SI.

Nevertheless, I chose my 23, moved on to the warm-up friendlies and embarked on the first of what I hope to be many major international tournaments with Das Team…

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Rapid Wien 2013 / 14 Review – Domestic domination, player development and preparation for World Cup 2014

rapid wien_aThe article title gives it away somewhat but we’ve absolutely dominated domestic football this season, winning every Austrian trophy on offer and doing so in some style.

The 3-4-1-2 has really done a job and we’ve been playing some fantastic football, banging in the goals left, right and centre. We may not have performed to quite such a high standard in Europe but the experience will be invaluable for our young players and hopefully we will be able to build on a promising Champions League debut.

Rather than concentrate on results, I’ll provide the usual brief overview before looking at the players who contributed to our success in more detail, including the newgen intake and a couple of interesting transfers. I’ll also take a look at the longer term planning that I’m putting in place and the dilemmas that this bring me over the summer…

… of course there’s also the small matter of World Cup 2014 to come in the close season and I’ll also take a quick look at preparations for the tournament.

A lot to cover so I best get on with it.

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Austria & Rapid Wien – Tactical Evolution, Patches and The Wonder of Hoeneß

The longest title of any of my blog articles and potentially one of the longer posts too as I have a lot to cover.

First, as promised, I’ll be looking at the tactical evolution that I kicked off over the summer, what prompted it and what it’s meant for the club side since. This will take in the transfers that I executed in the close season to aid our transition into the chosen tactic, before looking at how we’ve performed in early season results… straddled by the impact of the 13.1.3 patch.

After that, there’s the small matter of the national side where we’ve now completed the qualification games for World Cup 2014. How did we get on? Did I settle on a tactic? Will we be on the plane to Brazil?

Read on to find out…

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