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Austria & Rapid – Early days and FM12 striker flashbacks

rapid_1After a series of posts dealing with the periphery of the game, graphics and mods for streamlining FM, I’ve finally played long enough to write a proper update on my actual save. In case you missed it, I’ve started a Club and Country save with Austria and Rapid Wien that I hope will last for some time and form the bulk of my blog articles for the foreseeable future.

I’ve played up to the winter break in my first season which includes 19 leagues games with Rapid and 4 Euro 2016 qualifying games with Austria.

My initial tactical plans have proven impossible to implement due to SI’s decision to introduce the inverted wingbacks as a new feature that doesn’t actually exist in the game. Therefore, I’ve had to tweak the 4-1-4-1 slightly. There are some parts that are working very well and others, like the striker, which aren’t

Apologies if this is something of a statistical overload but, as well as updating on the progress of both club and country, I hope to work through the issues I’ve been having tactically and hopefully come up with some sort of solution.

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Toulouse – finding a new striker

This post is partly going to be a selfish exercise on my part as I look to lay out a logical way of sourcing my next striker. My troubles with Stracqualursi are well known and although he may return after his loan spell a more settled player I’m still not convinced that he is the right sort of player to maximise the role that I wish to use up front.

Umut Bulut, in the Toulouse squad at the start of the game, has been something of a success with 17 goals in our first season and 14 so far this season but not only is he 29 and in need of replacing soon, I also get the feeling that an improved player here would really kick us on in terms of goal-scoring and attacking prowess. By trying to lay out what has made Bulut a success, not just in terms of the goals he’s scored but also overall team play, then I want to identify the attributes that I should be looking for in my new signing but also preferential PPM’s and things to avoid.

I hope that it will prove an interesting read as well as a means of ensuring that I don’t make the same mistake twice. Worst case scenario – you’re all bored to death and I waste another £5m… bugger.

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