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The Danubian Whirl’s Perfect Goal

Pomposity in the extreme but we just scored a goal that is almost exactly what I’ve been trying to do with the tactic for the last 18 months of game time so I thought that it would be worth highlighting briefly to put much of my other posts about individuals, attributes and striker problems into context.

If that interests you at all, read on! (It’s just a short one) If not, sod off somewhere else 🙂

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Rapid Wien 2013 / 14 Review – Domestic domination, player development and preparation for World Cup 2014

rapid wien_aThe article title gives it away somewhat but we’ve absolutely dominated domestic football this season, winning every Austrian trophy on offer and doing so in some style.

The 3-4-1-2 has really done a job and we’ve been playing some fantastic football, banging in the goals left, right and centre. We may not have performed to quite such a high standard in Europe but the experience will be invaluable for our young players and hopefully we will be able to build on a promising Champions League debut.

Rather than concentrate on results, I’ll provide the usual brief overview before looking at the players who contributed to our success in more detail, including the newgen intake and a couple of interesting transfers. I’ll also take a look at the longer term planning that I’m putting in place and the dilemmas that this bring me over the summer…

… of course there’s also the small matter of World Cup 2014 to come in the close season and I’ll also take a quick look at preparations for the tournament.

A lot to cover so I best get on with it.

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Exploiting the “Pocket”

“The pocket” is a term which is more readily associated with American Football, used to describe the space which is created by the offensive line and within which the quarterback operates, finding time to pick the right pass. In our brand of football, it is probably more often referred to as “playing in between the lines” or “playing in the hole”. However, these terms are either too cumbersome for repetitive use in an article or something which I have an illogical aversion to and so, for the next two and a half thousand words or so, I’ll be referring to it as “the pocket”.

Typical example of a player “in the pocket”

Here you can see a typical example of a player utilising the pocket. The opposition is playing a standard 4-4-2 whilst our AMC has picked up a position in acres of space waiting for the turnover. When this turnover is achieved, the ball is quickly fed into his feet and he immediately has three attacking passing options (yellow dotted lines) or he can simply turn and run at an exposed defence himself (the red line). A fairly typical example and a good indication of what I hope to deal with in this article.

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