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And now for the country…

So far in my “Club and Country” updates, there’ s been precious little of the latter.  Well time to rectify that and take a brief look at the national side that is, after all, the focus of this save.

As I mentioned in the opening post, Austria’s ranking starts somewhat higher than my previous attempts.  Thanks largely to qualifying for Euro 2016, Austria kicks off FM19 as the 26th best national team in the world.  This would intuitively seem like a positive, reflecting an improved standard of player immediately available to me; but it does come with downsides – not least increased expectation.

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Austria – World Cup 2014 Report

austria_homeThe World Cup is undoubtedly the pinnacle of any footballer’s career and, despite what any misinformed nonce might tell you about the Olympics or anything else, is quite simply the biggest sporting event on the planet.

Having qualified for the World Cup for the first time since 1998, we travelled to Brazil with little expectation of making any sort of impression on the tournament. Little expectation but perhaps a quiet ambition to get out of the groups and see what madness ensued once knockout football came into play.

WC-2014-Brasil.svgWe’d been drawn in a reasonably kind group consisting of ourselves, Uruguay, Cameroon and Honduras. Pre-tournament, I considered Honduras to be the whipping boys, Uruguay to be clear favourites and predicted that ourselves and Cameroon would fight it out for second place.

When I last updated, I’d nominated our 30 man-squad and the first thing that I needed to do was to trim this to 23. Bizarrely, this was required before I’d played any warm-up friendlies. Not sure if this is another bug but, like many things with international football, it seems to have been poorly implemented by SI.

Nevertheless, I chose my 23, moved on to the warm-up friendlies and embarked on the first of what I hope to be many major international tournaments with Das Team…

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