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Are you Keegan in disguise?

Following on from our successful trip to Euro 2016, our third season with club and country has been a stark contrast between unexpected success with the club side and massive disappointment at international level.

I’m not too disappointed by our struggles with Austria as it shows that there’s still plenty of work to do, as I did wonder if our quarter final showing at Euro 2016 was a sign that we’d find things too easy.

With Red Bull Salzburg continuing to provide stiff competition domestically, there still seems to be plenty of longevity in this save yet. Hopefully the rest of the league will catch up at some point but this season it would take something really special to beat our rivals from Salzburg.

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FM14 Club and Country – Wunderteam reborn?

rapid_1Finally! The patch arrived and I have been able to play Football Manager 2014 for real! In fact, I was so excited about being able to play FM14 in anger that I’ve sped through the first season before I even had a change to set the scene.

Therefore, this post is going to have to cover a lot of ground – setting the scene in how the game has been set up, my general approach to the game and a look back at a successful first season.

As many of you will be aware, I have an FM-induced affiliation with both Rapid Wien and Austria – built up over years of playing them within the game and then graduating into watching the teams week-in-week-out. This year’s version returns to an edit that has proven to be the most interesting and long-lasting in the past – an Anschluss merger of the Austrian and German football systems.

However, as opposed to previous years, this version’s updates will place much more focus on the national team. Although I will update on the fortunes of Rapid, this will hopefully just provide a background of tactical experimentation and player development with fuller, more detailed analysis provided on the Austrian national team’s progress.

This will take the form of the odd piece on individual players whom I hope will develop into the national team and thorough reports on specific matches – why I used certain tactics, why I made certain in-match changes, etc.

Hopefully, that sounds like something of interest to you. If so, read on…

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Austria – early days

Following on from the post setting the scene at Rapid Wien, it’s time to look at the early days with the national side. We’ve played all of our 2012 fixtures including 4 competitive games in qualification for World Cup 2014 with very promising signs and some issues which I’ve still to work out.

In line with my general ethos, I’ve already started introducing the promising young Austrians into international football and have spent a great deal of time scouting for those players who have been improved in FM13 and that I should keep a close eye on.

There are certainly similarities with the options available to me in FM12, which isn’t surprising, but I’m pleased to see a few players have been improved, some drastically, and things are really looking quite good for Austria. We’re far from seeing a Belgian-style golden generation but there’s certainly a platform there to work on and I’d say we are probably a year or two ahead from where I’ve started in previous C&C games.

Anyway, this post will look at the early fixtures with Austria, the tactics that I’ve employed, the players that I’m currently using and those that I’ve identified as ones for the future…

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