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Rapid’s Second Season & Euro 2016

It’s been a while since my last update as I’ve been distracted by the usual family commitments as well as NBA 2K15 and a spot of Minecraft, which I’ve discovered is actually great.

In the meantime, though, we’ve progressed into season 3 of the club and country save, meaning I owe you an update on how Rapid Wien got on in season 2 and, more importantly, how Austria fared at Euro 2016.

Before we get there, I’d just like to say a huge thanks to all the readers, commenters, retweeters, linkers and pluggers who have helped publicise and contribute to the blog recently. It’s fantastic to see how many views we’ve been getting recently and, even better, the number of comments being made. I do try to respond to everyone so keep them coming!

For now, on to the business at hand.

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The Danubian Whirl’s Perfect Goal

Pomposity in the extreme but we just scored a goal that is almost exactly what I’ve been trying to do with the tactic for the last 18 months of game time so I thought that it would be worth highlighting briefly to put much of my other posts about individuals, attributes and striker problems into context.

If that interests you at all, read on! (It’s just a short one) If not, sod off somewhere else 🙂

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2700 words and I couldn’t think of a sodding title

When I updated last, I was having some tactical trouble and bored you all to death with some statistics in an effort to found out where the problems were and how I could go about fixing them.

The good news, then, is that now I’ve settled on the tactic, I’m going to bore you all to death with some statistics in an effort to go about improving the players I use within that system. That though, will come in the next update as here I’ll update on how we finished the first season with Rapid, our first signings and, more importantly, how our qualifying campaign for Euro 2016 is going.

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Austria & Rapid – Early days and FM12 striker flashbacks

rapid_1After a series of posts dealing with the periphery of the game, graphics and mods for streamlining FM, I’ve finally played long enough to write a proper update on my actual save. In case you missed it, I’ve started a Club and Country save with Austria and Rapid Wien that I hope will last for some time and form the bulk of my blog articles for the foreseeable future.

I’ve played up to the winter break in my first season which includes 19 leagues games with Rapid and 4 Euro 2016 qualifying games with Austria.

My initial tactical plans have proven impossible to implement due to SI’s decision to introduce the inverted wingbacks as a new feature that doesn’t actually exist in the game. Therefore, I’ve had to tweak the 4-1-4-1 slightly. There are some parts that are working very well and others, like the striker, which aren’t

Apologies if this is something of a statistical overload but, as well as updating on the progress of both club and country, I hope to work through the issues I’ve been having tactically and hopefully come up with some sort of solution.

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So let’s try this again…

Football-Manager-2015-logoSo if anyone has read this blog before, or even ‘knows’ me from my time posting on The Dugout, then you’ll probably have seen me attempt the odd club and country save with Rapid Wien and Austria.

Well the good news is that you’re going to see another one!

I had considered a few different games for FM15 but it was perhaps inevitable that I would come back to the club and country format I have enjoyed so much in the past. For those who don’t know, I first became interested in Rapid Wien after a brief stint there during a journeyman game on FM09.

In FM11, I then merged the German and Austrian leagues and had a legendary club and country save that took me to the year 2030. Hopefully this year’s attempt will prove to be as enjoyable.

While I wait for FM15’s release then, I thought I’d write a little about the changes I plan to make to the “gameworld” for this save and a few self-imposed challenges I want to implement to keep it interesting.

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The Happel Challenge – Shopping by attributes rather than positions

Rapid real homeI’m sure that many of you are sick and tired of hearing about my games with Rapid Wien but, sorry, I’m back with another one! My dissatisfaction with FM14 is hardly a secret and I’ve made my feelings clear on many occasions – about the tactical interface and match engine in particular. With those elements of the game, probably the two most important elements, so fundamentally ruined for me; I had to find enjoyment in some other aspect of FM.

Either that or stop playing altogether and, to be quite frank, FM has been my sole pastime for so long that I’ve forgotten what else I’m supposed to do with what little spare time I have.

So sadly my Alavés save is no more as I decided that the best way to regain some love of the game was to head back to Rapid – a club I always enjoy managing.

For a blog, though, this would probably be an interminably dull save to report on in the same manner I did with Feralpi or ADO. So instead, I’m going to try and focus each ‘Rapid’ report around one (hopefully) interesting aspect of FM that happens to have come about during the corresponding period of the save.

This article’s topic is, therefore, on “Shopping by attributes rather than positions”.

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Rapid Wien – 14/15 Season Review – Regression or transition?

rapid wien_hRegression might be a bit harsh as we won the league by 13 points but you’ll see what I mean later in the post.

After the departure of important players like Drazan and Schimpelsberger then I guess it was always going to be difficult to maintain the very high standards of last season and some sort of drop in performances was to be expected.

Some of this might also be down to the stagnation of the 3-4-1-2 and a move to a new tactic which I have included in the post below.

As well as detailing all the results and the new tactic, I’ll give a break down of every (important) player in my Rapid Wien squad, followed up in the next post by a breakdown of non-Rapid international players. I’ll try to do this the year following every World Cup for however long this save lasts.

For now, let’s look at how we did this season…

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