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Come on Lawro, put some effort in

It’s late and I’ve been reading Lawro’s predictions on the BBC Football website. Both of these things should be warning signs that I really shouldn’t be writing something for the blog but this was too long for Twitter and I just had to point out:

Man Utd v Fulham

People are asking questions about where all United’s attacking players will fit in but I am not sure Sir Alex Ferguson will be too bothered. He knows he has so many good players, who are versatile enough to play anywhere across the frontline.

First of all, that’s idiotic but it’s made even worse by this, two paragraphs later:

Of far more concern to Ferguson will be getting the attacking side of things right.

Lawro must have gone for a cup of tea during the intervening paragraph, forgot what he had written previously and continued on a completely different train of thought.

Don’t know why I still read these bloody “predictions”.

Also, in his piece on Liverpool v Man City, there are 404 words on the game. Just 86 of them relate to Man City, as opposed to 318 on their destined-for-mid-table opponents. No bias there.

Can we please, for the love of whatever, get some decent mainstream punditry and journalism from the BBC. The quality items on show are few and far between and are almost invariably the work of Tim Vickery.

Lastly, Michael Laudrup is bloody brilliant isn’t he? #mancrush